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Routine Physicals Made as Easy as Possible

There are a variety of activities and organizations that require routine physicals, and we are here to make having them done as easily as possible. Make an appointment or walk in to our clinics today for your school, sports, work, DOT*, or Welcome to Medicare Physicals.

*DOT Physical available at the York, NE, location only.

Doctor at Urgent Care of Nebraska conducting a physical

What You Can Expect During a Physical

Each type of comprehensive physical will cover specific health items depending upon requirements, which may include:

Checking blood pressure

Checking the heart, lungs, abdomen, ears, nose, and throat

Vision testing

Posture, joint, strength, and flexibility evaluation

Recording height and weight

Discussion of family health history

If your child requires a sports physical in addition to a school physical, be sure to notify our staff during your visit. The physician will perform a full physical to satisfy the needs of both, eliminating the need for multiple visits and ensuring coverage by your insurance.