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Occupational Medicine

Meeting today’s workplace needs.

Urgent Care of Nebraska specializes in meeting today’s workplace needs. We’re here to help maximize employee health and productivity by maintaining a safe, healthy workforce with services such as DOT and pre-employment physicals, drug and alcohol testing, vaccinations, medical care for work-related injuries and many other occupational health needs.

With convenient hours and no appointment needed, employers and employees can be confident that they will get the services they need without missing work and get back to work faster.

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Occupational Medicine Services

In addition to treating illness & injury, our occupational health services include, but are not limited to:

DOT Physical Exams (York and Milligan)
Drug Screening (York and Milligan)

Evaluation, Care and Treatment for “On-the-Job” Injuries

Pre-Employment Physical

Pre-Operative Physical

Workman’s Comp

For additional questions or to schedule an appointment, please contact the clinic nearest you for further assistance.

Employee at a healthier work environment

Dedicated to a healthier work environment.

Urgent Care of Nebraska’s network includes the experts at Makovicka Physical Therapy, where our skilled physicians provide reliable and timely treatment for employees who have been injured on the job.