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Illness & Injuries We Treat

At Urgent Care of Nebraska, we treat a wide variety of non-life-threatening, non-emergency illnesses and injuries, making care easy and accessible for you and your family. Our medical staff is able to diagnose and treat:

Abdominal Pain


Asthma Attacks

Back & Shoulder Pain


Bug Bites

Bumps & Bruises

Cold & Flu Symptoms

Cough & Congestion

Cuts & Lacerations

Ear Aches



Ingrown Nails

Job Injuries

Joint & Muscle Pain


Minor Broken Bones

Minor Eye Injuries / Irritation

Painful Urination

Sinus Infection

Skin Rashes without Fever

Small Cuts Requiring Stitches

Sprains & Strains

Sore / Strep Throat

Vomiting & Diarrhea

We are also able to provide treatment for injuries related to car accidents. However, please note that you will be required to pay for services and treatment up front due to delay in reimbursement from potential litigation related to the incident.

For any life-threatening conditions or symptoms, or if you are in doubt, seek emergency care. For additional questions, please contact the clinic nearest you for further assistance.

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