Lab Services



When lab work is requested, we aim to make the experience as convenient and efficient as possible.

That’s why we office laboratory services at each of our locations. You can be sure you will receive the best care possible, in a timely manner by our skilled, friendly staff.

If you have any specific concerns or questions, feel free to call the clinic directed to be connected with a lab representative. You can rest assured you’ll be in good hands.



On Site:

AARP   Chemistry Panel

AARP   Complete Blood Count
AARP   Cholesterol
AARP   DOT & Non-DOT Drug Screens
(York location only)
AARP   Flu Shots
AARP   Hemoglobin A1C
(Papillion location only)
AARP   Immunizations
AARP   Influenza Test
AARP   Mono Test
AARP   Pregnancy Test
AARP   Pro Time/INR
AARP   Strep Test
AARP   Urinalysis

Note: Certain vaccinations are only given at certain locations. We advise you to call ahead if you are unsure if a vaccination is provided at your location.

Access to:


AARP   Full Service Lab for other tests
as needed.

For additional questions, or to schedule an appointment,  please contact the clinic nearest you for further assistance.

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