Urgent Care



At Urgent Care of Nebraska, we are dedicated to offering professional and quality care for you and your whole family. Our Clinics operate on a walk-in basis—and are open seven days a week—so you can be confident that we’ll be here when you need us.

Our clinics provide prompt, high-quality treatment providing you the opportunity to receive hospital quality care without the emergency room wait time for non-life-threatening issues.

Our experienced staff has years of experience diagnosing and treating common illnesses and injuries from Pediatrics to Geriatrics and every age in between.

If you have chest pain or other reason to believe you may be having a heart attack or another life-threatening event call 911. You must be seen and evaluated at an Emergency Room!

Urgent Care Services Include:



AARP   Onsite lab and x-ray for rapid diagnosis & treatment of sprains, fractures, lacerations and illness.
AARP   Access to full service labs when more sophisticated testing is necessary.
AARP   Access to CT, MRI, ULtrasound & other imaging as needed.
AARP   A strong referral network, which is critical to providing the best care possible when a patients needs
extend beyond our facility services.

Urgent Care of Nebraska Clinics are equipped to treat all urgent, non life-threatening medical needs
including, but not limited to:

AARP   Abdominal Pain

AARP   Allergies
AARP   Asthma Attacks
AARP   Back & Shoulder Pain
AARP   Bronchitis
AARP   Bug bites
AARP   Bumps & Bruises

AARP   Cold & Flu Symptoms
AARP   Coughs & Congestion
AARP   Cuts & Lacerations
AARP   Ear Aches
AARP   Fevers
AARP   Fractures
AARP   Ingrown Nails

AARP   Job Injuries
AARP   Joint & Muscle Pain
AARP   Migraine
AARP   Minor Broken Bones
AARP   Minor Burns
AARP   Minor Eye Injuries/Irritation
AARP   Painful Urination

AARP   Sinus Infection
AARP   Skin Rashes Without Fever
AARP   Small Cuts Requiring Stitches
AARP   Sprains & Strains
AARP   Sore/Strep Throat
AARP   Vomiting & Diarrhea